The shortage of electricity is a global issue, especially as existing power generation options have limitations in terms of growth potential and long-term sustenance. With the increasing demand of electricity, burden increases on non-renewable source of energy. We realize that the development of clean, efficient and renewable sources of energy is critical to maintain and improve the standard of living of people across the world. Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Bio-mass are some of the ways of harnessing energy for a better tomorrow.

Solar Energy

Wind Energy


Solar Energy

When the globe is facing severe environmental challenges from the non renewable sources of energy, it is prudent to utilize the vast amount of renewable resource for meeting the developmental needs.

Considering the vast possibilities of this source, Jaguar Overseas Limited provides design, engineering, supply, erection, commission, testing and maintenance of solar power systems. Latest technologies are adopted by our expert engineers to maximize energy output and reduce LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy).

Solar Power Plants
Street Lights
Solar Rooftop

Wind Energy

Like solar energy, wind too is a source of free and clean energy. Wind energy has also started contributing to electricity needs. Wind energy has increased during the current monsoon season. Under the non-conventional energy sources normally contribute much in terms of generation through windmills.

For setting up of turbines to tap wind energy, we do proper research on the geographical location. Wind energy production continues to possess certain advantages of cost reduction, reducing uncertainties, enabling large-scale use, minimizing environmental impacts etc.

For taking the edge of this cleanest source of energy for power generation, Jaguar gears up with the latest technologies to make use of the wind potential and government policies in this sector.

Wind Mill Farms

Hybrid System

Bio Mass

Globe is bestowed with significant biomass potential, which could be taken as a shelter for meeting the current energy crisis. Recognized as the oldest source of renewable energy, biomass is the organic matter derived from living organisms, agriculture and food processing wastes, sewage sludge, animal manures etc. This can be converted into electricity by thermal conversion, chemical and bio chemical conversion, electrochemical oxidation of material etc.

Biomass plants are more energy efficient and they produce less Carbon dioxide compared to traditional coal fired plants, thus making it a cleaner source of energy. Biomass energy is reliable, as it is free from fluctuation and does not need storage to be used in times of non-availability.

At Jaguar, we focus on designing and developing biomass plants to generate electricity from renewable sources of energy.

Municipal Waste

Maunfacturing Waste

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